First of all, yes, I am a local. I grew up in Utah and currently live in here. I love being outdoors and enjoying nature. I do some hiking, jeeping and the occasional scenic mountain drive. Although I do enjoy winters in Utah, my true love are the Spring, Summer and Fall months when I can get outside and get some sun.

Although I do my fair share of off roading in Utah, I am always looking for new places to visit or just hearing about others experiences while off road. So while I will be continually updating the trails, hikes, roads and trips I take; please share your experiences with me by sending an email to Off Road Utah Admin. Feel free to send me descriptions and/or photos of your off road trip and I will happily post them to the site for all to join.

So there you have it, Off Road Utah is providing some of the best places to go off roading in Utah. I hope you not only enjoy the site but that you enjoy whatever trip you take off road, Utah style!